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The Port Fund L.P. (the Fund) presents both institutional and private investors the opportunity to invest in the ports, maritime and infralogistics related industries positioned within strategic and rapidly expanding markets. The Fund provides the opportunity for significant capital appreciation while serving to mitigate the risks inherent in such markets through a systematic and thorough investment due diligence, evaluation and monitoring process.

Given its tenure, industry experience and core competencies, the Fund has developed a robust private equity model which brings a structured approach to the investment process while maintaining the flexibility needed to navigate through the challenges of the emerging markets. Capital is deployed across geographically diverse portfolio investments specializing in port and intermodal logistics industries and monitored throughout the life of the investment with a constant focus on operations for the express purpose of achieving superior results on invested funds.

Through the implementation of best practice benchmarks with respect to deal sourcing, due diligence, corporate governance, operational restructuring, risk management and continuous monitoring, targeted returns can be achieved while establishing a platform for successful future transactions.

With a focus on ports, port-related logistics, freight forwarding companies and companies specializing in intermodal transport, the Fund operates a proven private equity model predicated on the standards adopted by developed countries. These standards are introduced to the Fund’s portfolio companies currently operating in developing countries thereby allowing them to both capitalize on the trends and opportunities unique to such markets and to realize the value that can be created within them.

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