the PORT FUND is Unique

  • Innovative Market Approach
  • Interdisciplinary Management Team
  • Leveraging Opportunities & Trends
  • Attractive Investment Terms

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  • The Port Fund L.P. (the "Fund") offers select sophisticated investors an opportunity to invest in niche sectors within the infrastructure/logistics industries, that are primarily located in the growing global emerging markets, and target significant capital appreciation on their investment while achieving the safety and stability of an investment in key strategic infrastructure/logistics assets. The Fund is built around a robust private equity model designed to operate efficiently and successfully amidst the challenges associated with emerging markets.

  • The Fund’s team is comprised of experienced investing and operating professionals with expertise critical to its strategy. The Port Fund Team integrates investment professionals with complementary interdisciplinary skills including maritime consulting, port operations /management /engineering, logistics and transportation, privatization, Greenfield development, private equity and fund management, investment banking, M&A, corporate finance, distressed investing/restructuring, business strategy and management consulting, and accounting and finance.